Friday, October 22, 2010

Seth's Birthday

These aniversary days are always hard to get through no matter how many years it has been.  Seth would be 22 now and we never even got to celerbrate his first birthday with him.  The questions all come flooding back, "Why did God let this happen?"  He was such a healthy boy.  But I know now and always new that God has a plan.  We need to trust always and have faith in His grace.  His power is all mighty.  I have always held fast to the thought that His all mighty hand is there holding mine and He will never let me go.  That is such comfort to me.  If you sit quietly in a calm place you can really feel his arms around you, you really can.  Or maybe this is just when you are in deepest need of it,but I have felt it.  So I do know it is possiable. On our kids birthday's we always like to do something special to remember them.  This year we decided to let Taylen our youngest have some friends over.  He has already had enough sadness in his life. He has been asking for awhile to have friends over anyways.  So it was a way celerbrate Seth's life and make Taylen happy at the same time.  It will make a good memory.  Days like this sure do make me miss not having Johnathan at home.  I know he remember's what day it is, because he has mention before that he sure would of liked having a big brother to look up to and ask advise.  You know all the big brother things that go along with it.  He did have Kayla for awhile which he said was great while it lasted,  but a sister still  is not the same as a brother. At every birthday you always wander what would they be doing now.  Would they be in college, what job would he be doing, would he be married, and to who,  would they have any kids ya I could be a grandma.  But I know God is faithful. Hold on!

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